Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Dear Students,

Demand for health services in our country is continuously increasing. The main reasons for this are population growth and people’s desire to live longer. As in the rest of the world, our efforts to raise qualified academik and clinical staff in order to meet this demand have gained a great speed. Moreover, the rising standard of living leads to the spread of demand for education. Factors such as the length of the total study duration, the globalisation of education, a demand for a higher level of education for eduacated parents’ children, technological developments and economic growth keep the need for high quality and widespread education on the agenda.

The Istanbul Medipol University, which we are proud of being a member of, and the School of Health Sciences, which is a valuable part of it, have combined the realities and needs of our country with universal values ​​and have gone on a journey of full confidence. Although Medipol University  is a very young University, it has gained an identity that has been appreciated. While walking towards the goal of achieving greater achievements, each member of our University and our faculty works with great devotion, and the goals we aim to achieve in this way are growing and increasing our excitement and determination.

Dear students
Today and tomorrow of our faculty are structured with your hands and efforts. As you graduate and get responsibilities in the most prestigious points in our country and in the world, our face will be bleached and our pride will be the biggest force in achieving bigger works.

I would like to greet all the Medipol family with respect and love, especially our students who are our future and wish that your happiness and success will be permanent.

Professor Erdoğan Kunter, MD, PhD
Dean of School of Health Sciences


Physiotherapist is a healthcare worker who applies exercises to improve the quality of life of the individual with muscular-skeletal system disorders, minimizes the function of the musculoskeletal disorders and practices the occupational prescription towards patients, disabled and healthy individuals by means of occupational measurement and evaluation methods.

In line with the increasing aging of the population and scientific and technological developments, the need for conscious protection of health has been one of the priority areas of preventive and therapeutic Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. The number of physiotherapists who plan and implement the Physical Therapy-Rehabilitation program in every disease requiring physiotherapy is insufficient compared to the population.
The aim of our department is to provide the graduates who are specialized, knowledgeable and principled Physical Therapists. Our aims also consists following the innovations of the scientific studies and being the better and better.
We can determine our choices in our lives and use our creative power and work hard to reach our goal. By assimilating science, diversity and innovation, we can adapt to rapid information flow and continuous change.
Medipol University, School of Health Sciences, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation maintains education and training in an environment of trust, love, understanding and tolerance and embraces the best of the best.


Prof. Z. Candan Algun

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